Thursday, 29 November 2012

Last Breath

Went for a ride today to meet up with a bloke and get a cast resin Tiki.  Got to have a good chat about casting and that I want to make some cast tail light lenses at some stage.

On the way back I had to switch to reserve. Would you believe it there were no petrol stations for ages and the one I did pass was on the opposite side and no place I could cross over.  I knew there was one not too much further on the main road. The bike started running rough and then it stalled at the lights. Two more sets of light till I get to the servo.  Though if I can get a green on the next one I might make it..Nope no F-N luck she gasps her last breath & dies.  Now just to paint the picture here I'm in my motorcycle boots (made for riding not walking), black kelvar jeans, and leather jacket…….It is also 38Deg (Celsius) today!

So I had to walk about 1km to the servo and I am dying in the heat dripping sweat and cursing my luck and the F-N last red light.

So I bought 5lites of fuel & the jerry can I put it in……$7 fuel +$20 jerry can.

Well to top it off the Asian Man behind the counter says to me in broken english" Why you not put petrol before you bike stop??"………….I dunno cos I like torturing myself in this heat?? Test my endurance?  

When you think the world is shit and full of assholes, someone surprises you.  

A bloke who had just walked out of the shop walks back in and asks me if I need a lift.  Didn't hesitate before answering that be awesome!

A big Thanks goes out to Dave from Vicroads Surface testing in Burwood! Saw a stranger buying a Jerry Can & Gas in my leathers and dripping in sweat, asked if he needed a lift, even though he was going in the opposite direction. 

To Dave I say Cheers mate in this heat your a lifesaver. Not too many people would have stepped up for a stranger like that.

Dave your a top bloke and thank you!!!

If anyone happens to know Dave can you buy him a cold beer for me cos I didn't get a chance!

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