Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Oil Stained Brain - 2012 Premiere

Had to stop in and check out the first Oil Stained Brain show for an hour before heading off to Halls Gap for the weekend.

Captain America where it all started

Seen Parts of this bike getting made on the web, which made it strange seeing it in the flesh

Dallas's bike  previously seen  on the blog. I really like this bike maybe because he used some of the ideas I had drawn up to use on my build……Only difference is he built it while I'm still talkin about it…….Soon to Change!!

For all those Happy Triumph riders..Such fun loving fellas ha ha ha ha

Sponsors Merch - Independent Parts & KDS

Thought this was cool to see in your rearview mirror.

Ollie aka Ol'Fart from Independent Parts Honda Four

Art from Kustom Lane on the walls.

Ruiners - Ran's Bikes

Bike from the Rockers Classic Motorcycles another sponsor

Seen this WLA before and I still Love this bike.  It looks so cool and has leaks eve ry where.  Patina city!! Love to see it parked amongst the billet bikes.

XS650 Tracker

XS650 Cafe

no seat bike???

Visitors bikes

Stayed with the Thunderbirds in Halls Gap…Four of the hod rods that were gathered up there.  I loved the 56 F100 of course. I was liking it so much I forgot to snap a shot on the iphone.

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