Thursday, 8 November 2012

Older Vehicle Compliance Over Boad

Issue 16 November 2003

Classic, Historic and Veteran Vehicles

Some testers are requiring older vehicles to meet much higher standards than required by law. For example, any vehicle built before 1935 is not required to have a brake lamp and direction indicator lamps are only required on cars built after August 1966. Reversing lamps were only required on some vehicles from January 1972 and so on.
For pre ADR vehicles, all the requirements are set out in Schedule 8 of the Road Safety [Vehicles] Regulations 1999. This is an essential document for all LVTs as it also extends the application of some ADRs to earlier vehicles and over-rides the ADR requirements in some other instances. If you haven’t already got a copy contact VicRoads’ bookshop.

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