Monday, 12 November 2012

Last Minute Irritation

Spent last week making some brass grips and a brass kicker for the XS to go with my brass risers. Wanted to have it all done for the Mods vs Rockers ride yesterday.

Total time spent making grips.
Note 8hrs or more of this was just in the boring out the internal dia.
Either a heavier boring bar is required or a CNC lathe.

Finished making & fitting it all up around 9pm Sat then even washed the bike. When I went to put the bike away for the night I snapped my clutch cable, couldn't believe it! At first I was devastated that after all my work I was going to miss a ride I had been planning on for two years as I missed the last one due to my partner's inconsiderate birthday timing…..The nerve of her right..How dare she be born the same day as I want to go for a ride.

So whilst I ate my very late dinner I came up with an idea to make a screw on ferrule. A bit of time in the workshop and I made a brass ferrule, several hours later of frustrating stuffing around I had resided on the fact that the cable was too short and just couldn't find away to make it fit.

In despair I gave up and started packing away the tools.  When I came across the clutch cable off the black bike, why this was at home when every other part of that bike is else where I have no idea and why I hadn't I found it earlier?????  Ended up using this cable off the other bikes but it is cracked rusty and very dry. So three hours of mucking around and by midnight I had a bike to ride with a temporary fix.

Wondering if you guys can recommend someone to order a new clutch cable from? I hear Mike's XS are thinner and break. Some thing local would be good.

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