Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Things you learn on the grape vine

After spending some time with the Thunderbirds I learn't a few snippets of useful info to store away.

  • Club H plates (Historic) are going to be targeted in a crack down as to many are being used for vehicles that don't fit the class and should be under SR (Street Rod)
  • You can bring in a fully customised Hot Rod without hassle if you have the correct documentation
    • PRE 1988 VEHICLE
    • Can prove with receipts or magazine article that the modifications were done pre '88
  • Not all Hoons or Petrol Heads are young men or in fact men at all……The F100 Pick Up belongs to one of the wives!!

Meeting these guys added to a great weekend away.

Club Plate end with a letter classification for the relevant registration class.

SR - Street Rod
H - Historic

Motorcycle Plate  - Veteran & Vintage I think have a number classification  (2 & 3) instead of a letter

This one I think is a personalised plate made to look like a Club Plate.

Historic & veteran cars nnnnn·H From 1959 to 2002 there were colourful club plates provided by the club and was manufactured with either Vintage Car or Veteran Car legend on top. They were withdrawn from use in 2002 and the current H series is in use. For vehicles used/registered for historical interest and not used as regular transport.

The Victorian club permit scheme allows members of car clubs (including motorcycle, trailer/caravan and machinery clubs) that are recognised by VicRoads to make limited use of historic vehicles on the road network.
A club permit can be issued to the following vehicles in the following categories:
  • Veteran vehicles – manufactured before 1 January 1919;
  • Vintage vehicles – manufactured after 31 December 1918 and before 1 January 1931
  • Classic and Historic vehicles - manufactured after 31 December 1930, but more than 25 years before the date of the application for a club permit.
These categories can include trailers and modified vehicles such as street rods. Vehicles which are replicas of vehicles in the above-mentioned categories may also be issued with a club permit.

As you will see Vicroads classifications and paperwork is inconsistent…..The above taken from their website only shows three separate classifications an goes on to say Modified Vehicles and Street Rods, and Replicas, etc are included in these groups.

Not quite so….Street Rods have a separate plate and require different certification to comply with see below from the application form.

Applying for a club permit 
To apply for a Club permit you will need to complete a Club Permit Application form together with:

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