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Clunkers to be Destroyed…...

Been doing a lot of research into legislation regarding Vehicles on our roads.

Road Safety Standards
Australian Deign Rules 2,3
Roadworthy Certificate Inspection
ICVs - Independent Customised Vehicles
Street Rods


What I have come across is an underlying subtext, or blatant claim hat older vehicles should be off the road and destroyed!

In most cases the roadworthiness certificate you issue will be used to enable a change in ownership. But there comes a time when it is simply not economical to maintain an older car in a fit state for use on our roads. Maybe many more of these older cars should be simply scrapped rather than having their problems passed on [via a low standard RWC inspection] to someone else who is probably even less financially capable of keeping the car in a safe condition.

Several times the term "CLUNKER" has been used in documentation relating to a vehicle simply due to it's age.  One policy that was touted and may still be being planned said an older vehicle is classified a Clunker due to its higher fuel consumption even if in perfect condition and if traded in should be destroyed……

I should have keep note of more reference to post

I am amazed at this destruction of motoring history…. I understand that older and unsafe vehicles should be off the road for everyones safety, but if all older vehicles are destroyed there will be no place for spare parts or restoration vehicles. Not many people will want to have older project vehicle for daily driving so most will be on limited use club plates.

Between natural attrition, Roadworthy certs, and Registration requirements should this not keep the "Oldies but Goodies" on the roads and the junk in the back shed with out destroying already limited resources?

Here is a letter addressing the issue from a large Enthusiast Body:

GPO Box 2862
Canberra ACT 2601
Tell Fax (02) 9599 3726

27th July 2010
Ms Rondah Rietveld
The Prime Ministers Senior Adviser
Australia Labor Party
By E-mail

Dear Ms Rietveld,

Re: Cash For Clunkers

The Australian Historic Motoring Federation (AHMF) represents some 100,000 members across the country with our interest firmly centred on the preservation of and use of historic vehicles.

Our members are proud to maintain Australia's largest moveable museum, at little cost to the Government of the day. The State governments acknowledge our efforts by providing relief to us in the way of reduced registration costs that recognise the limited usage of these vehicles.

We are proud of our efforts and use our vehicles to assist local charities by conducting displays and other events in order to raise much needed funds for those charities. We attend street parades and support the various ANZAC Day parades through the country to transport our Veterans and returned Servicemen so that they can participate. Plus we are involved in Australia Day activities and much much more. We hold special events and place our vehicles on display as a mobile museum to inform the younger generation of our past. Additionally, we add $80 million annually to the Australian economy to assist businesses with our spending ranging from repairs and maintenance to accommodation during the events that we hold/attend across the country.

We have read with interest the recent policy of your Party in regard to "Cash For Clunkers". Essentially we agree with the concept of removing older and unsafe vehicles from our roads and we also applaud the initiative to assist people to own a new more efficient vehicle.

However we do not support:
1. labelling of all pre 1995 cars as gas guzzlers and therefore unsafe
2. crushing vehicles traded in under this scheme
3. the view that by removing these vehicles the energy spent to replace them will have a large effect on the environment

Our reasoning is as follows: 

I. The majority of our vehicles have been restored to as near as possible to their original specifications. Those that aren't restored are at least maintained to a high standard to ensure safe operation. While it is acknowledged that fuel consumption was not a consideration when they were built, by the very nature of restricted registration, they are used on a limited basis. 
2. The crushing of the traded vehicles is likely to see vehicles of historic significance destroyed. As well as their historic value, these vehicles are also likely to provide a source of spares that will ensure that the current range of vehicles are able to be maintained.
3. We question the likely energy savings to be realised because the limited usage of these vehicles would be very unlikely to offset the energy that expended to crush them.

We request that you clarify this matter by public statement to the members and general public that this offer is being made for vehicles that are not part of Australia's motoring history movement and it is not intended to label our vehicles as gas guzzlers and unsafe.

We are able to offer a selection of suitable vehicles if required when making your announcement.

Further, we offer our assistance to work with your policy advisers to define a clear policy that will remove the "clunker" off the roads, whilst maintaining the integrity of Australia's moveable history.

Please contact me for any assistance that the AHMF can provide to you.

Yours sincerely,
Neil Athorn
Australian Historic Motoring Federation
Ph: 0408033839

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  1. The path that your car will take to get clunked and junked will be a simple one! Its pretty easy these days to sell your car if you don't want one.

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