Saturday, 13 August 2011

Black Bucket

What is better than a good condition 99c Helmet????  A free Bucket!

Was bidding on ebay for a Flat Black THH Bucket……to cut the story short…. I won it for the 99c opening bid.
Went to pick it up today and the Guy didn't even want the dollar, just gave it to me.  In perfect condition 2010 model.  Only problem with it is it is a XXXL so it is to big for me.  I din't buy it to wear anyway it is going to be a pinstriping exercise.  When it is free I can't go wrong.  If it works and I do a good job then i can look at buying one that fits and striping that one to wear.


  1. You looked like a lollipop when you put the helmet on....FUNNY! hahahaha

  2. I think you looked like a Chup-a- Chup