Friday, 26 August 2011


My Pinstriping brushes arrived today….kool!
Need to get some paint and start learning to run lines.

Now trying to arrange for the big chop!
As She stands...

Need to add this

To get this to go...

Where I want to be...
Need a few tabs to be fitted for seat hinge & springs, and fender mounts.

I would also be interested in raking the neck out to 35Deg from stock 27Deg.  Would it be cheaper to make a new front & add the tail to make a complete new frame? I don't want the frame to look like it has been altered.

Along with tyres, I still need to sort out brakes, forward controls, fender strut/sissy bar, elec box, seat fittings.  Yeah not much!  Although it is a bit hard to start until I have the frame to fit too.

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