Monday, 8 August 2011


Been saying I want to make some custom casting for parts for the bike including a kicker pedal.

well finally started on it today making the pattern.

Would also make a cool belt buckle…

Once I cast some in brass & aluminium, I will have a go at engraving one as a sugar skull..

If the work out nice I may make a small run of 10 or so to sell. So put your hand up if you want to be on the list and notified if and when that happens……...


  1. That's cool that! Will you put plenty of pics up of the casting process...

  2. It is going to be sand cast…….
    This is just the start of the pattern there is still work to do finishing it…The picture bottom right is the rest of the block of wood to be shaped.

    Then I need to use some body filler on the holes, and spray it with primer filler, sand back with wet n dry paper.

    In two minds how to fit it to the lever and both involve welding, and have been done before can be seen on net. Nothing new.

    I don't fancy building a home furnace, different to forge for blacksmithing. So I am going to use someone else's for the time being. So nothing stopping you guys from making patterns and out sourcing the casting, or finding a hobby foundry and using theirs.