Saturday, 20 August 2011

Took Two of the girls out for a ride today…...

I said I took them for a ride not went for a ride which would have been much more fun!!!

I notice both bikes hav stock tanks but the black tank finishes flush with the mount tab and the gold one sits slightly higher…...

 Next weekend I intend to borrow the mufflers and rear shocks of goldy to put on the lady for roadworthy inspection. I will also fit the new fork seal, do the fork oil and if req put roller taper bearings in the neck.

Need to find some air filters for Goldy, and some front break callipers, a top for the oil reservoir.
Reassemble the head light and fit it along with the speedo & seat.

See how she runs and what else needs doing, swap the mufflers, risers, and rear shocks back on her and take her for reg. Might fit the clip ons??

Then we start the transformations chopping the lady and cafe job on goldy……can't wait!!!

Did a bit of work on some more kicker patterns……..

Start of the Paddle Pop, Ol'Skool Ice Cream Inspired

Added a backing board an sealed the skull, still needs some body filler and a good sand, the primer filler.  Also need to make the back half.

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