Monday, 29 August 2011

First Aid Supplies...

This morning I headed out in search of some fist aid for the bike.

I picked up two sets of 4x Bolts to replace the sets I broke one of yesterday.  Since I am not running with the chromed cover over the lower triple, I went with socket head bolts as I think they will look a bit more finished.

Got myself some metal epoxy putty to see if I can repair the top of the fork inners just enough for the O-ring to seat and seal the fork cap.

While I was there got myself a set of 5 spanners for $4, and a small flap wheel to clean the welds on the custom pipes I had Scott make up for the bobber.  Came across a cool little disc with a incremented tapering edge, used to measure spark plug gaps…$0.75.  I grabbed two will give one to Hap.

So it will be Wednesday at least before I can look at the trying the putty on the bike and I'm thinking getting it inspected this week is now looking slim.

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