Thursday, 25 August 2011


First issue was how to remove the fork caps.
Solution was to make up this little tool, FYI the bolt needs to fit a 17mm socket to match the fork cap.

These need to be replaced.

Got these Seal and slim Dust seals
Also picked up a set of these 35mm High ones.  I also have a set of gators in the parts box. So I might mix and match see what looks best.
Made up my fork levelling tool.  Got the 60ml syringe from the local Vet Clinic, just had to smile nicely at the nurse…Free.  The PVC hose cost about $4 and the balck pipe is from a sprinkler kit and has a nice joiner perfect size, 49Cents.
Beats buying one for $30…WIN!

Bought a small funnel & measure cup at the local $2 shop, and got some motorcyle specific fork oil a few weeks back ready to go. Didn't want to mess around with motor oil, ATF etc.

I also picked up a set of taper steering bearings just incase I have the old original ball ones. If I am pulling it apart I might as well do it in one go.  Bearings are different sizes so don't mix them up.

  • Upper:  25 x 48 x 15.2
  • Lower:  30 x 48 x 15

Bought a length of allthread and some washers to use as a tool to fit the bearings.
Basically there is a nut and washer below the bottom of the neck and same at top as you tighten the nuts it presses the bearings into the neck.   Simple……..I hope.
You can use the old bearing racers as spacers to fit the new ones in,

Although the earlier models have a shorter neck and shaft the bearings are the same size for all models. So if I don't need them I can still use them on one of the other two later year bikes.

Proper tool vs Allthread

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