Monday, 29 August 2011

Weekend Stage 2………...

Back over to Hap's place and I finished putting the front end back together……
Took a gander at Hap's TX bitsa see if this helps me figure out the bucket of brakes I got as to what belongs on my other bikes.  
Switched the aluminium dipstick over to this bike for now at least. It needs polishing.  
Made a start on removing the suspension & pipes off the Gold Bike.  As pictured the corrosion on the shaft deems the originals unfit for use on the road.
After lunch Hap had finished his chores and joined me in the Garage. The Koni shocks were missing the eyelet spacers as you can see the hole is much bigger. Tried various things to take the easy way out, like cutting numerous pieces off the end of plastic and rubber tubes. In the end we had it sorted.

There is a difference in length and wind, but they are all shiny and no corrosion!!

My loud mufflers had to come off.  Removed the pipes off the gold bike but could not separate the muffler and header pipe, even with the assistance of WD40 and the BFH... 
Made up some brackets and fitted the Harley pipes.

After all this I took the bike for a test ride and the Left fork cap was weeping….this is the fork that was completely dry.  Out came the fork cap, and in went one from the doner bike….Still weeping.
After removing the cap again we discovered some PO had drilled three grooves down through the threads. I am guessing he had stripped the fork cap nut, and done something creative and damaging to remove it.
Solution was to try a little bit of silicone.  Of course I was eager to get home and out of Hap's hair, I'd taken over his garage for two days straight, and i didn't give it enough time to cure.

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