Monday, 22 August 2011

Soulful Sunday Sessions @ St. Kilda

Yesterday was such perfect bike weather that I was dying to go for a ride.  Really inspired me to get moving on the builds so I can take advantage before we hit the other extreme and it get too hot.

Had to make do with going for a drive with the lil lady down to St. Kilda to have lunch.

Not many sports bikes etc, but Harleys were the flavour of the day and they were everywhere en masses.
Most stock or bolt on brigade, again most of them were weekend cowboys all decked out in their brand gear.

However there were a few bikes that stood out and a really cool hot rod which was driven surprisingly by quite a young guy.   Enjoyed a good lunch but came home a litle forlorn that I wasn't in on all the two wheel action…… Soon,..Very Soon!

I wonder how it runs on Tequila? If you look closely this bike had mad Spanish Phrases  written all over it. Crime Scene Headlight & Tail light. Crazy detail in the rear fender. Looks like the put a row of vinyl lettering on the fender then layer he paint up over it leaving the 3d effect. Although it is text it kinda looks like crocodile skin from a distance.

Pretty stock bike but had some original and quirky details added. I have to antique fire extinguishers similar to this one that I was thinking to work into one of my bikes. Was trying to figure away to get a small fuel bottle inside it.

This was my favourite out of the bikes I saw sunday. Hadnd painted pinstriping, tooled seat, the side indent detail to the tank and the recessed speedo, are just sweet.

Found out from one of the boys this bike was pin striped by Steve May over @

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