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Be nice to get out on the bike for a bit of a road trip, and go where there are no hotels, or just el cheapo style sleeping on the side of the road.

Found these online and look pretty cool…Mr Swagman Bikers/Horse Swag

Nice an small
Just because you’re riding a motorbike, a horse, have a small vehicle, or are restricted in packing space doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to have a good night’s sleep in a spacious swag.
Mr Swagman’s Biker / Horse swag provides maximum sleeping area, while allowing the swag to be rolled into a very compact size. This swag is modelled on the single Classic Swag and has the same opened dimensions and features, but has the poles removed to save on rolled size and weight. Poles from the Classic swag do not fit into the rolled Bikers swag.
If the weather is cold or you require insect protection, the side zip continues up and around your head to incorporate the built-in mesh window. This window does not need to be removed if not in use; it simply rolls down. There is also a mesh window at the foot end to aid in ventilation.
Mr Swagman's Biker / Horse swag features an easy access, zippered front and side entrance and an overhanging head awning to provide protection from the rain. The head awning can be held open on the swag to allow maximum ventilation through the mesh, or it can be held closed ensuring no rain enters the sleeping area. When these flaps are in the closed position, a small enclosed area is formed to leave your boots and clothes in.
The top canvas cover unzips and unfolds over to one side allowing use as a full open swag.
A spreader bar is used at the head end of the Bikers / Horse swag to provide extra shoulder room for a better night’s sleep.
When rolled the swag is approximately 55cm wide, 20cm diameter and weighs just 5kg – a perfect fit for a motor bike or horse or any compact space.
Mr Swagman’s Biker / Horse swag is made from the same heavy duty, 100 percent cotton 15 ounce rip-stop canvas as all his premium swags and is retained by two straps with double brass rings.
To complement the Bikers / Horse swag a Mr Swagman oilskin bedroll will ensure your swag will stay dry for use at the end of each day, regardless if you are using it on a motorbike or horse, in the back of a ute or up on the roof racks of your car or 4WD.
To maintain a comfortable sleeping surface while retaining the compact nature of this swag, Mr Swagman’s Bikers / Horse swag utilises an Australian made 20mm thick super high density foam mattress that is 1950mm long and 550mm wide.
These foam mattresses incorporate ‘Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial protection’ – resists mould, mildew, bacteria, odours and dust mites, which are triggers of allergies and asthma.

Oilskin Bedroll for Bikers / Swag
Expandable oilskin bag for Sway & Gear
Mr Swagman’s oilskin bedroll keeps your Bikers / Horse swag clean and dry while in transit – on your bike, horse, 4WD or ute.
When rolled and zipped closed, the Bikers / Horse bedroll is retained by twin straps with double brass rings and has a convenient carry strap. The Bikers / Horse bedroll can be expanded to take your Mr Swagman Bikers / Horse swag even with a sleeping bag and a few clothes rolled up inside.
Mr Swagman’s Bikers / Horse bedroll can protect any brand of swag up to a width of 55cm and 40cm in diameter.
Mr Swagman’s Bikers / Horse bedroll is manufactured from Dri Tec™ oilskin which is a 100% cotton fabric impregnated with microcrystalline and paraffin wax. This oilskin is highly durable and waterproof, is odourless, not too oily to touch and is breathable to allow moisture to evaporate from inside.
Using a Mr Swagman Bikers / Horse bedroll on your swag will ensure it stays dry to use at the end of each day, regardless if you are using it on a motorbike, horse or in the back of a ute or up on the roof racks of your car or 4W
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