Thursday, 4 August 2011

Boom Boom Goes the DRUM

Need to make up a tool so I can remove these fork caps.  Thinking if I can get a bolt head or nut to fit inside I can adapt it into a tool for the job.  

As you can see the dust covers are totally F'd and need replacing.

Don't have a centre stand on the bike but managed to get it up on some blocks today and got the rear wheel off.  Cleaned the Brakes. I wonder how long it took to accumulate all that dust?   Roughed the pads a little with some sand paper also.  Looks like plenty of pad to me…...

My super duper polishing rig.  

After a bit of sanding to get the rest of the patches of old paint off. I hit the drill polishing wheel for a bit. Look tons better than it did but with a bigger wheel, stronger cutting compound and a bit more patience  could still go alot further. 

Back together!

The Ol Lady tells me I am not touching her until I get the grease stains of my hands and black out from under the nails…. I guess I might as well go back down the shed then :-)

I can see some mechanics glove being my next B'Day present lol.

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