Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Chasing the Light!

My new office chair for making executive bike decisions!!  Love this retro old chair, some Kool shit!
Hap has a bad knee and has been having trouble standing the full days I have conned him into helping me with the bike.  Gotta say I really appreciate it.   Yesterday he came past my place to pick up my metal cut off saw, SHED BUILT by my Grandfather.  To cut the steel for various projects. So as I was riding over to his place I saw a modern an this old office chair on the side of the road.  I pulled over, so did Hap in his van thinking I'd killed the bike, something else to fix lol……Anyway I jogged back down the road, grabbed the chairs and threw em in the back of the van.  Here Hap you needed some wheeled work stools to get of yer bad leg!!!!!!!! FREE!

Going to get a bit of a work out cutting steel for Hap's new shop equipment he is making. Including  an English Wheel and other gear for making tanks etc.  I will cut up the material for the engine stands, S/Steel bars, and my sissy bar on it.

Bought the steel yesterday for the sissy bar and scrounged their off-cut section and got some good steel for the engine stand (@$1/Kg = $11 Cheap) Well the bloke said just chuck it in the Van don't worry. So I ended up just paying for the  rod to make the sissy bar and the 1" rod for the seat bungs etc.  Sweet!

Getting the bike ready for the re inspection.
New rear tyre already done..Check!
Swapped the blue park light out for a regular clear, and wired it into the system. Check!
Cleaned up a lot of the PO wiring and soldered the wires then covered in heat shrink as we went…
Tested the brake light, had to get a new switch from the wreckers, fitted it, needs a bit of adjustment to the lever as it tends to come on with the weight of the lever . Check!

Couldn't buy a blue bezel LED, so I bought a green one and a blue LED and made my own…..Stupid sales girl sold me a 12Volt LED that wasn't…..POP!  Back to the store for a replacement, no charge. Got a resistor to fix the 12V.
Drilled out the speedo mount. to fit and couldn't find a tap to screw the bezel direct into the aluminium as planned.

So had to get a drill tip ground flat like a mill, and machine a step down so I could screw the nut on the back.

Wired her all up……..Nada!……..Damn had the damn LED wired backwards.  Open up the headlight and rewire.

We had Blue light!   High Beam indicator light...Check!

Hap's poor project sitting there going what about me????
Well all this work on my bike has gotten him inspired, & a cleaned work workshop. So it shouldn't be long now.
While getting the parts for my bike, Hap picked up a new helmet, a set of LED indicators and Tail light.
So the juices are flowing.

I also ended up buying some wet weather Dryrider over gear and a pair of kevlar reinforced cargos by Draggin….They were on sale and heavily discounted. I think the fact that I got rained on the way over to Hap's may have swung my decision a little….
I also broke the heel off my boots and thought maybe a new pair but I knew the bank account didn't have the funds, I already owe on the credit card.  Glue and gaffer tape will have to suffice!

Well I'm off to get my re-inspection!

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