Sunday, 4 September 2011

Forked Up Forks

Ok I never new forks could give so much drama. Here is hoping all is resolved.

If you have been following you know I rebuilt the forks last weekend.  There was issues with the hack job the previous owner had done on them and they leaked.

Well here is the damage and the repair job.

As you can see there were two nice big grooves cut in the forks.
I used this rag soaked in a little petrol to clean he oil off the top rim then stuffed the  rag into the top of the fork to catch any debris. I moulded some epoxy metal putty into the grooves and let it harden.  I then wrapped the fork cap thread in teflon tape to build it up a bit.  Once hard I got some emery and sanded the putty smooth.  Screwed the cap in down to the O-ring added some silicon, screwed it shut and left it to set.
36hrs later bounced on the forks and no weeping!  Yeah baby!

Swapped all four bolts over in the lower triple clamp after breaking one.  I think the black socket heads look much better. See image to left for comparison with original.

Removed the aluminium chain guard and painted it.
Of course I scratched the sh%t out of it trying to get it back in…..kinda a force fit, with out removing the shock and rear wheel.  So I masked the bike up and gave it a bit of a spray… know it, it now has runs in it….

This is my sissy bar concept.  Thinking to have the bar follow the line of the rear hoop.  Tabs coming off to the  shock mounts and rear fender mounts.  May run a flat across the top of the rear hoop if need and use the existing hole to bolt to.
It's about 700mm high and has a nice smaller gauge inner detail.  Thinking to use ½" Rod, and paint it black.
I'm hoping to take the bike to Chopped 2011 and need to take my camping gear, swag and camera gear.

Hoping to take the bike for RWC tomorrow……….Finally! Fingers Crossed.

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