Monday, 19 September 2011

Myford goodies, Pratt 4-Jaw independant chuck, Myford Swivel Vertical slide, Myford faceplate.    Not sure what the little gears are for. The have a 20 marked on them, the sleeve goes in side them and fits the keyway. Then there is a ring with a locking grub screw.  These bits and the Myford name plates were a little surprise :-)

If anyone knows what they are for be great if you can leave a comment below.

Here are all the raw weleded joints.

Started cleaning them up with a file.  There were a few low points so I decided rather than keep removing metal i would fill with epoxy metal putty and then sand back hopefully less work and a nicer finish.  I didn't want to remove too much weld, and weaken the joints.  Will have to wait for the putty to cure and get back to it tomorrow.

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