Thursday, 29 September 2011

Most Famous Choppers..Built by Unknown Black

Easy Rider's "Captain America" - Mother of All Choppers

Ask anybody who knows a little bit about motorcycles to tell you what a Chopper looks like, and they will very soon refer to that one particular motorcycle that Peter Fonda rode in the classic road movie "Easy Rider".
In the movie, Peter Fonda plays the cool character of "Captain America" Wyatt. As a result, the bike he rides in the movie is also named Captain America.
With its Star Spangled Banner tank, sissy bar, apes, forward controls, chrome frame, chromed out Panhead engine, and the really, really long front fork, Captain America is THE big example of the classic Chopper.
Look at that bike:
Ben Hardy, legendary Master Bike Builder from Los Angeles, had the original Harley Panhead cradle frame raked to 45 degrees. To compensate for the increased rake he increased the length of the front fork by 12 inches.

Ben Hardy - Master Chopper Builder

Both the Captain America Chopper and the Billy Bike Short Chop were built by the legendary yet unknown bike builder Ben Hardy from Los Angeles, CA.
Check this out:

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