Thursday, 8 September 2011

New Seat

I got two both with red stitching and one with studs.
The bump stop is rigid not soft padded, not so comfy for the pillion. The lil lady was excited I had changed the seat. She tought she was coming for a ride until she sat on it and bitched about how hard it was then walked off in a huff!

The seat is fibreglass and seems sturdy, the ribbed "leather" which is really plasticy vinyl not even imitation leather. and the edging looks like a plastic coated fabric, where you can see the fabric texture.  Bit disappointed in the finish but I am super fussy.  Maybe a reupholster in the future, not the close future. 

Well she is wedged in there nice an tight…..hope I don't need to get to the battery in a hurry!

Looks goo on the bike and an improvement from the solo seat.

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