Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Randoms of the Day!

Trying desperately to locate these Micro Momentary switches with a M8 thread…….Can find heaps with a M19 but think they will be way to big!

Unidentified pat of my Myford ML7…or at least I think it is.

Saw this on the way home yesterday basically brand new hardly an KM on the clock guy wants a neg $6500. Aftermarket grips and pegs etc.

Did a photoshoot at a body building comp on the weekend. Here are some of the girls.  Took these on the Iphone to demonstrate how terrible the lighting is at these events, try getting an even exposure.  As you can see it is blowing out in the centre, way too bright, and quickly drops off to the back & sides.

One of my old tool boxes, I noticed the previous owner had travel document type stickers  on it.
Apparently he took his tools to the Himalaya's on the 26.1.1962
How cool is that?


  1. have you thought about just super gluing the micro switches in place? ive had issues with snapped cables in the past when trying to screw them in....

  2. Don't think super glue would hold bu maybe epoxy…….
    But to answer your question no I hadn't…...until now!

    Where did you get your switches? 7 what size were they?

  3. they were from Grizzleys over here, i think lowbrow might do them though... Seriously though, they are fine superglued in....

  4. Did you use the use the 5/16-24 threaded ones or bigger? Smallest I can find are just under ½"

  5. i'm not very good with imperial - 8mm hole - the outside diamerter of the switch (as visible) is 12mm diameter...

  6. Hahaha I thought you guys over there were imperial!

    Yeah there the ones i am looking for but I can only fin ones for a 19mm or 12mm hole, which makes the head too big!

  7. i'm in my 20's (just) so never did all that fractional measuring crap....

    they are an M6 thread...

    code number is 14-058 from the catalogue if the link doesnt work. They aint cheap mind you...

    I'll have a little look for the lowbrow ones now...

  8. Micro button switch »Standard«, stainless steel, Ø 11 mm double wire, polished, 5/16”-24 (M8) 26.30 € each

    I was complaining about buying from the USA @ $12-13US….

    I can get the Ø 17 (M12 thread) for $1.47…. Just can't find a supplier for the smaller ones. Bulk qty.

    Have to add postage to all those prices.

  9. Interesting stuff on that site…just prices way to high for my budget.