Tuesday, 6 September 2011

RWC Inspection & Fabrication Shopping List.

Yesterday I took the bike in (Naked Lady, aka Flame bike) for RWC Inspection.

Alas she failed……….Which is ok because I was expecting her too…

Got to leave a few small things for them to pick on or they will find something you don't know about….

So the list is:

  1. New Rear Tyre……….(Surprised, but I had shredded the side wall a bit, Done yesterday Pirelli $185 fitted.
  2. Front Brake light switch not working.
  3. High Beam indicator light missing (Actually there but not visible)   
  4. Headlight park light not working  (Didn't expect this one….Old sealed beam didn't have one new semi sealed Hella does and now I have to wire it in……DOH!)
  5. Right side axle adjuster loose……..(easy done)

So with a bit of luck I will knock off the three electrical items today!!  Head back down this arvo or tomorrow morning and bam I have my RWC and off to Vicroads for registration!  Yeah Baby!

Also today I am going to head out and get some steel for my sissy bar. While I am there I will get some to make a few other items as well.

  • Sissy Bar - ½, ⅝, ¼" Cold rolled rod
  • Engine stand - 1" angle 
  • Seat spring bungs - 1" rod
  • Fender bungs - 1" rod
  • Seat hinge  - flat plate
  • Full size seat pan -  flat plate
Also might check out a bit of brass for some pegs and grips etc.

While I am cutting and fabricating I am going to make me some 1" step down stainless steel handle bars dragster style.

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