Sunday, 18 September 2011

Unusual Sightings

Went to see about some belts for the Myford, while I was there i enquired about a new chuck for the Colchester.  The guy took me out back to the warehouse to show me a selection.  While he was pulling out some to show me i got a important phone call and had to take it.  Meanwhile the guy wandered off.  Finished my call and looked around he was nowhere to be seen.

Start looking at what is around me and I notice a spoked wheel poking out from under a drop sheet….Hmmm that looks promising…….
 The guy return and I tell him forget that chuchs I want to know what is under there.

It's an old Norton being restored came with the wrong engine in it. He bought a correct engine as a box of bits and is proceeding to make up the mount plates without any drawings. Said he had to suspend parts on strings and blocks, to get positioning correct.   It has the famous feather bed frame.

Later went to the auto store in search of taps & dies, the younf 'P' plater has a dellorian for sale……
Pretty rough condition.

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