Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Sissy Bar Design refinements

Fender Tab & Bolt

Original Concept Details
As you can see the fender bolt is hollow. I think this is so you can use this bolt and run wires through for indicators.

Measured this up with the vernier callipers. Some odd dimensions..

Worked through some other ideas and came back to one of the original.  Considered using a bolt from the inside of the fender and making the sissy bar boss a giant nut, with a blind hole so it is nice and smooth from the outside.  THe problem is wrenching on the the bolt with the tyre in the way.

Added a recessed lip for the fender bolt this way the forces are shared and not all placed on the socket head bolts as they would if the fender nut and boss had been butted up.  The shearing force with a loaded sissy bar could have been problematic.

Rather than fabricate the fender bolt from stock bar. Have decided to find a off the shelf bolt with a OD 15 shank and machine it down. Should be cheaper and already have a hex head!!

Had Hap review my original drawings and he came up with that bight spark!!

Well should be making chips tomorrow evening. Stay posted.

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