Thursday, 22 September 2011

Clash of the 70's

Sissy bars now all black. And is very versatile for transporting stuff on the bike!

This is my mates Kawakka Z900 in showroom condition 22,448Km Original Km on the clock.  His dad bought it new and he bought it from him. Hardley even been on the road.

Untill a few weeks ago it had the massive front fairing on it and the original panniers.
Well they are now hanging on the wall. Fairing looks like a giant f/glass moose head!

Decided it was a good day for a ride and talked Gary into charging the battery on the road.  So we headed out 70's style with the bikes and went for a trip through the winery region.

Stopped after 2hrs and had a chat about the bikes.  Gary says to me that bikes got some grunt.  I can't hear my bike over the roar of your pipes.  Is it an 850 or 650……Yep only a 650!

The Z900 has more power but it is heavier and between the fast off the mark and nimbler through the twisty bits the XS was easily a match for the Z900 on this trip.   Wouldn't want to compete in a long straight line me thinks though!….

The other thing his bike is in such good nick it makes mine  look a bit tired and dirty…………….then mine gets ridden daily no garage princess. She's a working girl lol. What do you expect from a naked lady.

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