Sunday, 10 April 2011

Custom Sprocket

I need to make up a custom sprocket to blend the after market Harley rear 5 stud pattern to the XS tooth count.  The offset kit from Gary Poh comes with a 17 tooth front sprocket, stock is 18.
This is a great little chart I picked up someplace…..If anyone knows where I came across it please let me know so I can place a credit/link back.

After some consultation with people more in the know than me I have decided on a 34 tooth rear sprocket.

Here is a Harley sportster sprocket from showing the required centre bore (50.2) and 5 stud pattern (12mm Dia on a 82.6 PCD)

Looking for a CAD drawing of 34 tooth sprocket with a tooth pattern to suit a 530 chain, so I can add the above stud pattern and centre bore.


  1. Can you give me some idea of what you are doing here? I am building a 79xs650 hardtail and I picked up Harley wheels and of course it is not compatible with the xs rear sprocket. This is driving me crazy. What can I do to fix this issue? My front sprocket is a 17 tooth so my original gear ratio is 34/17 or 2.00.


  2. Kris, I ended up buying a aftermarket sprocket custom made to fit the XS(34 tooth) with a 5 stud pattern to fit the harley wheel.

    This Rear Sprocket for 530 chain (same size used for both HD's & XS 650 Yamahas) incorporates the HD style wheel pattern, but sized down to 32 or 34 Tooth and geared to mate up to XS-650 Yamaha Powerplants. Want to use a Harley wheel on that XS chop but no sprocket? Here you go! Made right here in the USA! $65.99

    Hope this helps you.

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