Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I just got Tripplets!!!

I have a verbal agreement of sale on three Yamaha XS650s…………… So I have more on my plate than I expected and am freaking myself out a bit!

One will become my Chopper/Bobber as designed, one probably end up a cafe racer, the third I may just clean up and sell off so there is some money left to actually do the project.

Will have to look for someplace to store the bikes as i have no room for all this here.

Also looking into transport from QLD to Melb.

Here is the info I have on the bikes:

1. Gold - 1980 Special, .. It has a rebuilt engine, new timing chain, cams ,replaced cam adjusting guides and rubbing blocks ..rebuilt /machine honed barrels / new rings . 
Pistons and bores measured in tolerance, new gasket set ..new valve seals . All gears replaced with a set from the states , clutch is perfect, electronic ignition .. starter sprokets replaced with upgraded gears from usa ..bullet air cleaners,new from states (never been oiled or started ), replacement handle bars with harley 1 inch bars and grips and 2 inch harley risers ..

new two tier seat usa . 
bates headlight usa 
triumph style mini guages (usa) on bike 

All gold flake powder coated frame 
New wiring loom supplied , bike just needs to be wired 
New billet blinkers 
triumph number plate / brake light assy 

All aluminimum has been polished , brake calipers, engine covers ect 
practicly all alum surfaces .. by linish/belt /mop process ..like chrome .
Fuel tank and side covers have been professionally painted , and as yet not used in high metallic gold, exhaust pipes are in fair/ good nick ... so nuthing has been thrown out , so its all here.

2. Black , stock 78 model was ridden until pulled apart to paint , another complete supposedly reliable bike ,told motor is good and all is there

3. Flames 74
modified ignition ,, 30 thou oversized pistons . port and polished heads , new clutch , new cams and bearings , new cam chain and cam chain guides ..rebuilt forks ..and seals .. also an oil cooler has been plumbed in ..its done aproximately 46 thousand km's all up ..


Guy I bought it off got it the previous owner stressed it wasnt run in since mods were done and to replace the oil every one thousand km's five times till shes run in ..so he did 7000 km's.absolutely no smoke ..or oil consumption 

Here what else he told me “....they have the worst starting motor system in the world , but once you learn how to hold your mouth rite they are easy to get running ..i turn the fuel off on the pet cocks when i get off her ..(she flooded one time)..the swing arm is the only weakness on these motor cycles , but this has been replaced with the upgrade bushes and pins..”

Has a weird seat set up but I will change that quick!!!

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