Sunday, 10 April 2011

Gordon Scott Engineering - Custom Pipes

Scott is quite well known on for making half the communities custom pipes.
He has a few stock designs you can order or if you can explain what you want he will do his best to make it happen…….. I have heard nothing but good things about his pipes and his service.  After e-mailing each other on an almost daily basis for the last few weeks discussing my pipe design, bikes and life. I can say he is a great guy and will not only bend your pipes he will bend over backwards to help you out.

He wasn't happy with the price the online shipping calculator gave him it was Quoted at $258.00 just for shipping! That's not including customs/tax fee's.
Next day I got this:

I went to post office and they said if I can get them in a box 36"x15"x5" it would be $90.00 to ship. Anything over that size and the price jumps! The total size can not be larger then 79" length and girth combined. . I'm thinking bout making the pipes anyway because you are not the first to ask for that style and if I can get them to fit in a box that size you would be welcome to them.

I sent him a message to say to make them and if the don't fit leave one join that I can get welded locally.

The brief I gave him was I want twin pipes (Hi-Low) both on the left hand side of the bike with a long sweeping curve. I also want to affix heat shields and asked for him to make a tube to match which I can cut in two and drill out to make the shields.

Basically what I am after is a combination of these.

Scott has given me a start date of the 18th so stay posted…………………….

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