Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Near Miss!!!!……...

I have no idea where to start, or which bike to do what to, or bob/chop/cafe and which to sell. I have big plans for the a bobber, and have a heap of parts collected as seen in this blog, but think I may have to go cafe and quickly get clubmans, cafe seat and tank, so I have one to ride ASAP.

Will just have to wait until it all arrives. 

Got a message this morning and nearly lost the deal. Guy decided it was to much work to box all the bits up (at the agreed price)..and wanted to do it pick up. 

I pointed out that I am in Melb far from QLD, bought it stating it was to be delivered, had no more money to offer and asked did he really want someone rummaging through his garage boxing up pieces and what ever else they might take a fancy to?

Anyway came home to an email tonight saying all was good he could see I really wanted the bikes, and he was going on Holidays and would make arrangements when he gets back after easter. So while it is a bummer I won't be able to get a start over Easter it is great news it is still going ahead.


  1. excellent photography blog! you've done really nice work!

  2. Great blog.

    I can see that you have done lots of research. It looks like a big project...

    Cant wait to see you work on the bikes :P