Sunday, 10 April 2011

Seat Pan………..

Cheap score, unwanted seat pan from someone else's build got it for next to nothing……...

Bates style, 1.6mm steel zinc plated seat pan. 9" wide x 13"  long. 

M8 threads, rear threads 6.25" apart.       

There are some imperfections in the zinc plating, and a small amount of rust under the flat bar, otherwise a perfectly good seat ready for upholstery.

Came with foam for upholstery, density may not be appropriate. Might look at getting a cheap yoga mat or some other foam to replace it. Possibly layer up some different foams.

Cut a small piece of black rubber fuel line to edge the seat. Worked out great, will go buy a metre length of it to do the entire outer edge.  Cost about $3.50/m

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