Sunday, 10 April 2011

Gary Poh Offset Sprocket Kit

Here is what the kit includes:
1 Offset Sprocket (Heat Treated and Hardened)
---Offset Left Side Spacer(s) (CNC Machined from Billet Aluminum)

-- 3 Offset Shift Shaft Spacer (Mild Welding Required)
-- New Clutch Rod (Longer)
-- 5 New Left Side Cover Bolts (Longer)
-- 6 New Left Side Cover Gaskets (2 ea)
-- 7 Detailed Assembly Instructions and Photos.
-- 8 Bad A** Looks for the Gurlies when you are done..
The Kits sell for $400.00 with free shipping here in the US (Actual shipping charges outside the US)
E-mail for info and questions. 

One of the first items I actually ordered. Allows you to run a 180-200 wide tyre on your XS650.  Gary is a great guy and has been really helpful. No matter how many or how stupid my questions.
Photos compliments of Gary.

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