Sunday, 24 April 2011

Smokin Pipes

The pipes I designed are well underway as you can see, just a few small tweaks and questions on which pipe is longer.

If I have the pipes finish offset as in the photos they will be about equal length overall. Which I assume is better for the engine to breath equally on both sides.

Slash Cut Turn Outs need to be added to the ends, and I have asked if possible the cross over on the right pipe be changed slightly. Between the front down tubes modified from straight to more of an 'S' bend, which will also increase the small tight bend around the engine to a sweeping curve also.  Waiting to see if these mods are possible.

Pretty stoked with the results so far….

Thanks Scott…….
Check out his other cool stuff at:  xs650exhaust 

Any ideas on how to finish them??

A. Ceramic….No idea where or how to get that done
B. Chromed
C. Engine paint.
D. One of the above + Wrapped

Post any ideas in the comments section!

Had this 3' section of brass curved to match. Will provide just under 2' of useable length once the straights are trimmed off.
I am going to drill this and split it down the middle to make my heat shields like below. 

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