Friday, 22 April 2011

Status Updates

Read some interesting articles on etching metal last night and thought I might have to give that a go.  Playing with some designs at the moment so keep posted on future updates.  Might do some dics for the cafe tank..see below

Elswick promised me the tail section for my frame would be started early this week it is now late this week and heard nothing……..

Scott from  Gordon Scott Engineering sent me an email this morning he is starting my pipes tomorrow….Awesome! He also has found me a custom 34T harley sprocket. So I'd rather give him my cash than the local industrial manufacturer…  Keep the little guy in business I say!

Won This for my Cafe

Cafe Ducati Mojave 260 Gas Tank NOS

This has a lovely perfect original orange finish…oh well too bad it is still getting a new paint job!

Thinking the bike should come up looking some thing like this

Not XS650s but Cafes with ams style tanks

Think the colors will still be Black & Gold

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