Saturday, 16 April 2011

WHERE IS MY ORDER!…….Where is my Hardtail!

I first contacted Robert regarding an order and shipping back in Feb took ages for him to confirm, and paid early March.

Hadn't heard anything in over 3 weeks since I got this 

"I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. I'm struggling to keep up with the business end of things and put in enough shop time to keep caught up on everything. "

Got nearly everything else waiting and just being held up by lack of a hardtail. Feeling a bit helpless jut hanging here. So I sent him a third follow up marked WHERE IS MY ORDER?

Later I got this reply

"I apologize for taking so long to get your hardtail finished up. We have it scheduled to be built early next week. I'll contact you as soon as it's completed and ready to ship.
Thanks, Robert"

So I got a quick response this time to my e-mail and should be seeing her soon. Of course delivery & customs could still slow it down a bit. Doubt I have any hope of it arriving before Easter. So oohing to tinker with during the holidays.

I am hoping quality is as good as Elswick are reputed for, that is why I went with them & waited. Will post results here & on my blog.

Frame post 1974.
4" ride height with a 200x18 rear tire and 3" stretch  
machined billet plug to go in after after cutting and removing ¾" out of the backbone to get approx 36Deg neck rake.

Other Happenings:
Last night I went out and got me some brass dome nuts, wanted acorn nuts but couldn't locate any. Dome is more round and acorn taller and more pointy egg shaped.
Got M6x1mm Pitch with 10mm Hex Head for valve covers Qty 3x3
M10x1.25mm Pitch with 13mmHex Head (Original is 14mm) for the head bolts, may need spaces under these, not sure. Qty 8
Was unable to get the M8x1.25mm Pitch (only used in automotive, stander machine pitch is 1mm) These are require for the four sided valve cover and the Exhaust flanges.

Also picked up some nylocks wih a gold finish (nickel plate) for the seat, trimmed the seat edge with some vacuum hose I slit down one side with a scalpel. Fitted the edge of the seat pan inside the cut. I then put one layer of foam cut from a $3 yoga mat, on top with be some high density seat cushion foam.  Still need to decide on what to cover it in, would like tooled leather but that is expensive.

Note to self, stop taking photos with iPhone they are crap, remember to use actual camera. 
You are a photographer after all!

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